Relaxing With Yoga On A Paddle Board

Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Relax

Yoga is well known as a fantastic way to reduce stress and to relax. A relaxed person is more creative, more productive and generally has a happier life than a stressed person.

If you paddle board, then you may want to think about trying paddle board yoga. I know what your first thought is, don’t be ridiculous I’ve never heard of it. Well this article has been written to introduce you to the world of paddle board yoga, what it is and why you do it.


So What Exactly Is Paddle Board Yoga.

The answer to this question is quite simple, there is no mystery. SUP yoga is the practice of yoga, not in a hot sweaty dance studio, but out on the lovely open water. Anyone who has tried paddle boarding knows that to maintain your balance requires a very strong core. Yoga is a very well known way of strengthening your core muscles. The two together are one of the best ways to improve both your balance and your core strength while at the same time enjoying a lovely outdoor experience.

How Do You Do Paddle Board Yoga.

Doing yoga on a paddle board is quite simple. You obviously need a calm accessible stretch of water. You paddle out until you’re comfortable and then once your position and properly balanced you start taking up yoga positions whilst balancing on the board. The important thing is not to be worried about falling in, everybody falls in at some point. The important thing is that you enjoy the whole experience and allow, the outdoor activity and the paddle boarding to take away the stress that building inside you.

Do You Need A Special Paddle Board.

This is a frequently asked question. Many people are worried that their board will not be appropriate to do their paddle board yoga on. Or, it may be that you tried to do yoga on your paddle board and although it might have been partially successful you think there must be a better way to get value from it.

The truth is, when it comes to parable yoga the size of the board is probably the most critical aspect. Obviously the larger the board the more volume it has and consequentially the most stability. If you are struggling to practice your positions, the last thing you really want to be doing is to be constantly toppling into the water due to the size of your board.

Having said that we all have to have an eye to transportation. Getting a huge board might be great for your yoga, but isn’t always the easiest thing to carry around.

One other thing that you should consider when undertaking parable yoga, is to purchase a yoga mat which you place on top of the board and helps you both grip and balance. Think of it like this, you probably wouldn’t do yoga on the bare dance from floor. So why would you consider doing it on a standard paddle board surface.

What Are The Best Yoga Positions?

Downward Facing Dog

Anyone who’s experienced the different positions that you can do in yoga will be familiar with some of the following. One great yoga position is called the downward facing dog. This is a position that you begin by getting on all fours, spreading your fingers wide apart, twisting your toes and lifting your backside into the air all the time stretching your neck. To get the most from this position make sure you push through your hands and try to lift your forearms way up into the clouds away from the board, remembering all the time to keep measured breathing. Hold for about seven breaths or 30 seconds whichever is easier.

Knee Lunges

another great yoga position is called the knee lunch this is similar to the downward dog, in your setup, but in this case that you step your right foot towards the middle of your hands while settling the left knee down on your board.

Try to ensure that you push the heel and ball of your foot through into the surface of the board, remember this is where you draw all your power from. Once you’re feeling strong push your hands up to the sky with the palms facing upwards. When ready return to the downward dog bring your left foot back. Again try to hold each one for about 30 seconds.

Wrap Up

Hopefully this is given you an idea about why paddle boarding is so great for yoga, and some indications of the sorts of accessories that you might need in order to do your yoga, and some of the more popular poses that are done whilst on a paddle board.

Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Here in Maclean NSW we have many great businesses that sell sewing machines. But the process of buying a sewing machine can be a little scary. We have produced this post to help you overcome your fears.

If you are a beginner and are looking for a new sewing machine then I recommend you read this post before you take any further action. I know from experience that when you are first faced with setting up sewing machine it can be a daunting prospect. There seem to be so many places where the thread can be slotted and you don’t want to make a mistake and ruin a prime bit of material. Well, it is true that setting up sewing machines can be a complicated business. They do not all have the same level of complexity however. There are some sewing machines that are definitely more suitable for the beginner than others.

What to Focus on when Buying a Sewing Machine

There are really only two things you need to focus on initially.

  • How hard is your sewing machine going to be to set-up.
  • How easy is it to control the speed of the sewing machine so that you can start slowly and gradually build up the speed as you become more confident and competent.

Almost all of the other fancy gadgets and bangs and whistles will not necessarily help you over the initial hurdle of getting started with your new sewing machine whatever the sales page promises you. In reality the best thing to do would be to go on a seamstress or textile course which involves the use of sewing machines. This will enable you to learn how to thread the machine and use it in a controlled environment with the luxury of having someone look over your shoulder and correct you before you have made any critical mistakes.

Where to Buy your First Sewing Machine

Failing that, perhaps the next best solution would be to pop on over to Amazon and read the various reviews for the sewing machines on there. There is nothing better on the internet than learning from the combined experience of others. Amazon is absolutely the best place to go for this sort of feedback and it shouldn’t be overlooked as a fantastic source in information. In summary, the best way to learn how to use a sewing machine is to go ahead and try one out. However, this may be more difficult than it appears, so using Amazon reviewers as a proxy for this is the next best alternative. Don’t overlook this valuable source of information. Using a sewing machine is difficult and a big learning curve, so do your research before you buy. Getting the best sewing machine for a beginner will surely be the next best approach.